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Gift tags

November 20, 2014

Having some fun today making some gift tags:
gift stamps
gift tags
gift tags12

Box of Apples

November 7, 2014

I received this box of apples from a friend:
apple crate1
After baking some of these:
I decided to stamp this wooden box with some of my hand carved stamps:
apple crate3
the beginning:
apple crate2
apple crate5
the other side:
apple crate6

October 2, 2014

I Made this shade for a friend:

did some hand stamping onto a Japanese paper:

irene shade1

irene shade4

irene shade2

irene shade3


September 30, 2014

…printed these birds this week:
just birds1
a closer look:
just birds2

September 16, 2014

still making these “map flowers”….flowers made with my stamps,ink and vintage maps. They are slowly crowding my work space…
map stamps
map stamps2
map stamps3


August 27, 2014

I recently started to do some more work with maps….been thinking a lot about water and rain, then decided to do a paper cut with raindrops falling through Japan:
partially done:
raindrop map1
raindrop map1
raindrop map2

American Made

August 20, 2014

I’m a finalist in the lighting and design category of Martha Stewart American Made!
collage shade


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